Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

Merry Christmas!

If you’re like me, the best Christmas presents are those that are rectangle, covered in pretty covers and have black in in it. 🙂 yep. BOOKS! Paperback, hardback, ebooks- All books make wonderful gifts.

I wanted to share with you my top 10 books I loved!

  1. In the Shadow of Croft Towers by Abigail Wilson * Amazon
  2. Lady Jayne Disappears: Amazon
  3. The Reckoning of Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright: Amazon
  4. Rooms by James Rubart: Amazon
  5. The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson: Amazon
  6. Caught by Suprise by Jen Turano: Amazon
  7. Cool Beans by Erynn Mangum: Amazon
  8. Among the Poppies by J’nell Ciesielski: Amazon
  9. Ready to Fumble by Christy Barritt: Amazon
  10. Black by Ted Dekker: Amazon

Have you read any of these? I hope you’ll take a moment and check them out!

Happy Reading! -Becca


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