Love In Lead by Kari Trumbo

love in leadEva Arnsby can’t stay indoors, her need to draw the woodland creatures around her home near Lead, South Dakota gets her in a heap of trouble. And none more troublesome than a shadowy stranger who steals her notebook and her spirit. Ranger, Captain George Roth, is suspicious when he finds a small woman in man’s trousers sneaking around in the woods. Determined to discover the woman’s secrets, he takes on an assignment, ready to investigate her under the guise of a harmless town dandy.  A chameleon in a suit, Mr. George Roth is asking too many questions, and wearing too many masks. Despite Eva’s reluctance, they work together, and soon, she sees parts of George she can’t resist. Shouldn’t she follow her heart? But when the mask slips, and Eva realizes George isn’t who she thinks he is, the damage to her heart may never be mended.  One lie will break them apart, and George must convince her that the man she fell for in Lead is the same man who loved her in the woods.

My Review:

Another sweet romance from Kari Trumbo.  Once again, we are swept back to a time where life was more simple. I don’t read a lot of western novels but I did enjoy this story.  This was a fun romance to read. The character’s were interesting and believable. I liked how other character’s from her other books were a part of this story as well.  It’s a good story to escape into for awhile.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I recommend this to family and friends.

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