"Yowza! The word flew out of Kara's mouth before she had time to think.   "Yowza!" exclaims Kara Richardson when she sees the handsome proprietor of the new delicatessen in town, Gabe Paolino-who soon expresses mutual interest. This would be the start of a perfect love story, except for one thing-Kara has vowed to... Continue Reading →

First Line Friday: A Cup of Dust

As soon as I was off the porch and out of Mama’s sight, I pushed the scuffed-up, hole-in-the-soles Mary Janes off my feet.   Purchase: A Cup of Dust Connect: Susie Finkbeiner Now it’s your turn! It's super easy! Grab the book you're reading or on your TBR pile. Leave a comment with the Title... Continue Reading →

First Line Friday: Pieces of Silver

WITH the telephone ringing amid the machine-gun staccato of a dozen typewriters, Liesel Bonner didn't hear her name. Liesel Bonner never questioned her devotion to her country. But because of her heritage, her country questions her. Despite the fact that no one has any proof of her disloyalty, Liesel is fired from her stenographer's position... Continue Reading →

The squawk of crows jerked Mercy awake—but not fully. Mercy Lytton is a lady like none other. Raised amongst the Mohawks, she straddles two cultures, yet each are united in one cause. . .to defeat the French. Born with a rare gift of unusually keen eyesight, she is chosen as a scout to accompany a... Continue Reading →

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