To Dance with Dolphins by Bonnie Leon

Twenty-one-year-old Claire Murray has suffered from a mysterious disease for years. Her social circle has shrunk to a small support group for people with chronic illness and disability. But what if life could be about more than doctors, pain, and medications?  Claire and three others—old grouch Tom, hippy-holdout Willow, and moody Taylor—hatch plans for a... Continue Reading →

A Year In Review

Happy 2019!!! It's hard to believe that another year has passed. As I sit here, I can't help but think back and remember all the wonderful books I have read.  I have posted links to each blog post below. I hope that you will find some wonderful books to read in 2019! Happy Reading- Becca January... Continue Reading →

Out of North Korea by Alana Terry

A single photograph could cost his life ... Ian McAllister has searched the world over, hunting for that all-elusive perfect photograph.  He finds it on a tourist trip to North Korea when e stumbles upon a young street kid foraging for roots.  Unaware that this single act will brand him a spy and cost his... Continue Reading →

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