Books I grew up Reading

I’ve loved reading since I was young. I’ve made a list of books that I read several times. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

Have you read these?

Happy Reading! -Becca

Adventures in the Northwoods by Lois W. Johnson
* One of my absolute favorite series growing up.
When her Irish father dies in a construction accident, Kate O’Connell and her mother are left to struggle alone in the Minneapolis of 1906. Deciding that Mama needs help, Kate asks their pastor to pray about a new husband. But Kate’s plan backfires. Forced to give up her own dreams, she becomes part of a Swedish family living on a northwest Wisconsin farm. As Kate’s new stepbrother Anders does his best to make her life miserable, strange occurrences become a mystery. Was it just the wind that moved the bushes? What happens on a scary all-alone ride into town? And what does Papa Nordstrom mean when he tells Kate, “You’ll earn your way with Anders”?

  1. The Disappearing Stranger
  2. The Hidden Message
  3. The Creeping Shadow
  4. The Vanishing Footprints
  5. Trouble at Wild River
  6. The Mysterious Hideaway
  7. Grandpa’s Stolen Treasure
  8. The Runaway Clown
  9. Mystery of the Missing Map

10. Disaster on Windy Hill

The Riverboat Adventures By Lois W. Johnson

Libby Norstad, 12, has been pampered while living with her aunt in a Chicago mansion since the death of her mother. Now her father, a riverboat captain traveling the Mississippi in 1857, takes her to live on the boat with him, where she meets Caleb, a 13-year-old cabin boy who both annoys and intrigues her. Libby soon discovers that he is a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Her curiosity lands her in the midst of adventure, as she and Caleb desperately search for a way to elude the slave catchers in pursuit of the three people the children are trying to help escape

  1. Escape into the Night
  2. Race to Freedom
  3. Midnight Secret
  4. The Swindler’s Treasure
  5. Mysterious Signal

6. The Fiddler’s Secret

The Young Underground by Robert Elmer
For eleven-year-old Peter Andersen and his twin sister Elise, living in the city of Helsingor, Denmark during World War II means German soldiers in the streets, German patrol boats in the harbor, and German fighter planes in the sky. Everyone is nervous, especially their Jewish friend Henrik and his parents.

  1. A Way Through the Sea
  2. Beyond the River
  3. Into the Flames
  4. Far From the Storm
  5. Chasing the Wind
  6. A Light in the Castle
  7. Follow the Star

8. Touch the Sky

Adventures Down Under by Robert Elmer

Twelve-year-old Patrick McWaid’s world is turned upside down when his father is framed for a crime and sent on a prison ship to Australia in 1867. The family follows on another ship, leaving the only home  they’ve known. What will life hold for them?.

  1. Escape to Murray River
  2. Captive at Kangaroo Springs
  3. Rescure at Boomerang Bend
  4. Dingo Creek Challenge
  5. Race to Wallaby Bay
  6. Firestorm at Kookaburra Station
  7. Kola Beach Outbreak

8, Panic at Emu Flat

Addie McCormick by Leanne Lucas * It’s similar to the Mandie books  Strange enough, I discovered this series in the book section at winco. Addie learns new lessons about Christian life when she and Nick find mysteries at every turn!

  1. The Stranger in the attic
  2. The Missing Scrapbook
  3. The Stolen Statue
  4. The Chicago Surprise
  5. The Mystery of the Skeleton Key
  6. The Computer Pirate
  7. The Secret of the Scarlet Box

8. The Movie Mystery

Seven Sleepers series by Gilbert Morris. * Both Jeff and I loved this series!

Josh learns that like him, there are 6 other sleepers, who are to be awakened, and join with a mysterious man named Goel to bring Nuworld from out of the shadow and people into “Goel’s House”. It’s kindof an allegory but science fictionish

  1. Flight of the Eagles, 1994
  2. The Gates of Neptune, 1994
  3. The Sword of Camelot, 1995
  4. The Caves that Time Forgot, 1995
  5. Winged Raiders of the Desert, 1995
  6. Empress of the Underworld, 1996
  7. Voyage of the Dolphin, 1996
  8. Attack of the Amazons, 1997
  9. Escape with the Dream Maker, 1997
  10. The Final Kingdom, 1997

Seven Sleepers Lost Chronicles: A follow up series to the Seven Sleepers Series.

  1. The Spell of the Crystal Chair, 2000
  2. The Savage Game of Lord Zarak, 2000
  3. The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo, 2000
  4. City of the Cyborgs, 2000
  5. The Temptation of Pleasure Island, 2000
  6. The Victims of Nimbo, 2000

7. The Terrible Beast of Zor, 2000

Magic Series-Books by Edward Eager * Such a fun series! I just
randomly found this series at the library.
It’s not a Christian book but it’s such a good read. There is magic in
it but it lighthearted and

  • Magic abounds in Edward Eager’s world. Whether his young heroes and
    heroines are awash in a lake full of magic, making double wishes on a
    half-magic coin, cavorting with Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, or “thyme”
    traveling, the adventures simply never stop.
  1. Half Magic (1954)
  2. Knight’s Castle (1956)
  3. Magic By the Lake (1957)
  4. The Time Garden (1958)
  5. Magic Or Not? (1959)
  6. The Well-Wishers (1960)

7. Seven-Day Magic (1962)

Bonnets And Bugles Series by Gilbert Morris
* To Jeff Majors and Leah Carter, the Civil War means a heartbreaking
separation of fast friends. Jeff and Leah determine to keep their
friendship strong, in spite of joining opposite sides

  1. Drummer Boy At Bull Bun, 1995
  2. Yankee Belles in Dixie, 1995
  3. The Secret of Richmond Manor, 1995
  4. The Soldier Boy’s Discovery, 1995
  5. Blockade Runner, 1996 *
  6. The Gallant Boys of Gettysburg, 1996
  7. The Battle of Lookout Mountain, 1996
  8. Encounter At Cold Harbor, 1997
  9. Fire Over Atlanta, 1997

10. Bring the Boys Home, 1997

Mandie series * Another one of my favorites! They have 2 movies too
out. I have the first one. Mandie finds a mystery at every turn.

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel
Mandie and the Cherokee Legend
Mandie and the Ghost Bandits
Mandie and the Forbidden Attic
Mandie and the Trunk’s Secret
Mandie and the Medicine Man
Mandie and the Charleston Phantom
Mandie and the Abandoned Mine
Mandie and the Hidden Treasure
Mandie and the Mysterious Bells
Mandie and the Holiday Surprise
Mandie and the Washington Nightmare
Mandie and the Midnight Journey
Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery
Mandie and the Foreign Spies
Mandie and the Silent Catacombs
Mandie and the Singing Chalet
Mandie and the Jumping Juniper
Mandie and the Mysterious Fisherman
Mandie and the Windmill’s Message
Mandie and the Fiery Rescue
Mandie and the Angel’s Secret
Mandie and the Dangerous Impostors
Mandie and the Invisible Troublemaker
Mandie and Her Missing Kin
Mandie and the Schoolhouse’s Secret
Mandie and the Courtroom Battle
Mandie and Jonathan’s Predicament
Mandie and the Unwanted Gift
Mandie and the Long Goodbye
Mandie and the Buried Stranger
Mandie and the Seaside Rendezvous
Mandie and the Dark Alley
Mandie and the Tornado
Mandie and the Quilt Mystery
Mandie and the New York Secret
Mandie and the Night Thief
Mandie and the Hidden Past
Mandie and the Missing Schoolmarm
Mandie and the Graduation Mystery

Young Mandie series:
1. Who’s Mandie
2. The New Girl
The Mystery at Miss Abigail’s
Merry Christmas From Mandie
The Talking Snowman
The Secret in the Woods
The Missing Book
The Haunted Shop
*****Special Mandie books:
Mandie and Mollie & The Angel’s Visit
Mandie and Joe’s Christmas Surprise * I have this one somewhere…
Mandie’s College Years: After the Mandie series, we follow 16-year-old
Mandie and Celia to college at Charleston Ladies’ College in the book
New Horizons, taken place in 1904.

New Horizons

American Adventures by Lee Roddy
This series was one of my favorite series. Lee Roddy was one of the
first authors I wrote when I was young
Hildy Corrigan, and her cousin Ruby find adventures around the United
states during the depression
1. The Overland Escape
2. The Desperate Search
3. Danger on Thunder Mountain
4. Secret of the Howling Cave
5. The Flaming Trap
6. The Gold Train Bandits
7. Terror in the Sky
8. Mystery of the Phantom Gold

9. High Country Ambush

The tintin books. I had to add this to the list!!! My entire family
has enjoyed reading these comic strip books. I would check them out of
the library and we’d all sit around and read tintin books. 🙂

Tintin By Herge
Follow news reporter Tintin as he travels around the world.

  1. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (1929–1930)
  2. Tintin in the Congo (1930–1931; 1946, 1975)
  3. Tintin in America (1931–1932; 1945)
  4. Cigars of the Pharaoh (1932–1934; 1955)
  5. The Blue Lotus (1934–1935; 1946)
  6. The Broken Ear (1935–1937; 1943)
  7. The Black Island (1937–1938; 1943, 1966)
  8. King Ottokar’s Sceptre (1938–1939; 1947)
  9. The Crab with the Golden Claws (1940–1941)
  10. The Shooting Star (1941; 1942)
  11. The Secret of the Unicorn (1942–1943)
  12. Red Rackham’s Treasure (1943–1944)
  13. The Seven Crystal Balls (1943–1948)
  14. Prisoners of the Sun (1946–1949)
  15. Land of Black Gold (1948–1950; 1972)
  16. Destination Moon (1950–1953)
  17. Explorers on the Moon (1950–1954)
  18. The Calculus Affair (1954–1956)
  19. The Red Sea Sharks (1958)
  20. Tintin in Tibet (1960)
  21. The Castafiore Emerald (1963)
  22. Flight 714 (1968)

23. Tintin and the Picaros (1976)


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