Fiction Readers Summit

My Adventures at the FICTION READERS SUMMIT in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I met my friend Becca and we spent the next several days immersed in all things BOOKS!! It was amazing.  I loved being there and meeting ALL the authors and seeing Baker Book house! It was so fun to hang out and spend the weekend talking books. The author panels were so fun and informative. I really don’t have a favorite part and I’m looking forward to next year! I hope to see you there! – Becca

Interested in coming in 2020? Click here! Fiction Readers Summit


Snowy dog had a lot of fun as well. He spent the night at Baker Book house.


A Dream Come True.

Chris: Do you still want to tour Baker Publishing?
Me: Yes!
Becca and I looked at each other and back at Chris.
Chris: Well, I talked to someone over there and they said they give tours.
She explained to becca that I had previously asked about getting a tour but she had been told that they didn’t do that.
Me: Oh that’s so cool. (Inside i am jumping up and down!!!)
Chris: Let me call over and get it set up.
Me: Ok. Thank you so much!!!
Becca: I was totally going to leave early but I will stay for this.
Chris immediately gets on the phone and sets it all up.
Chris: Ok. head over there now and Sara will give you a tour.

My last day in Michigin turned out to be a life long dream come true. As Becca and I left the store, I was in a bit of a daze.  I always wanted to visit a publishing company. To me, a publishing house was my version of disney land. They were there ones that published all those books that I loved.

Here are pictures from our visit!

My friend Becca also wrote several blog posts about our adventures at the Fiction Readers Summit.

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