Tansy Joy and Two Many Tangles by Niccole Perrine

Tansy Joy is nine years old, loves riding Tiny, and loves spending time with her family. However, she’s got a problem, a really big problem! She’s got too many tangles! Nobody understands how she feels about her thick, curly hair and she would much rather be spending her time winning prizes at Dusty Ranch. Even working on the Joy family’s summer bucket list is better than trying to figure out what to do with her tangled mop. She hates the idea of making it short, but it’s just too much work! Will Tansy tackle her terrible tangles? Will the Joy family finish their bucket list? Who will win the prize at Dusty Ranch?

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My Review

I think young girls will enjoy reading this story about Tansy. She is easy to like and the reader will be able to relate to her. Her massively curly hair is giving her trouble but I liked how she worked on figuring out what to do. I don’t know a lot about horses so I enjoyed learning how to take care of them. Niccole Perrine weaves biblical truth throughout the story. I think the reader can learn right along with Tansy. Based on true events, this story will entertain and encourage the reader.

I recommend this to young readers.

I received a complementary copy of this book to read and give my honest opinion.

About the Author

Born in upstate New York, Niccole Perrine grew up in Southern California and Southcentral Alaska. One of her favorite jobs was a tour guide for the Alaska Railroad. Now, She makes her home with her husband Luke and 5 children in Southwestern Idaho. When she is not homeschooling her kids, she loves to spend time reading, writing, thrift shopping, and playing table top games with her friends and family.

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