The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Marie Martin

In The Brave Art of Motherhood, Rachel Marie Martin offers you an invitation to rediscover your true self, pursue your dreams, silence the voices of guilt, and fully embrace your unique calling – even in the midst of the demands of motherhood. It’s easy to put your dreams on the back burner to focus on your children, but is that what they really need? You can stop waiting for “one day” and step into your true life today if you decide to change today.



Amazon: The Brave Art of Motherhood
Christian Book Distributors: The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again

My Review

As I read this book,  I found myself encouraged, challenged and inspired to become a better me.  This book is real. It’s not saying life is easy or having kids is all bubbles and sunshine but she shares the sometimes raw and always real life. Things that I know each women struggles with but worries about being your true vulnerable self. And yet, it’s not all doom and glum, there is hope and there is joy in each and every chapter. I know for me, the chapter of stars and dots really hit home for me. Dots could be anything negative. Stars are anything positive. As a child, I was teased a lot so I had a low opinion of myself although I knew my family loved me & the Lord loved me. It took awhile but now as an adult, I realized that what others thought of me was not who i was. This chapter reinforced this and showed how to turn the negative into the positve. Being brave is another theme in this book. Change is hard, parenting is hard, life is hard and sometimes you just have to decide to be brave and that’s the first step. I really believe that this book is not just for moms but for every women. It’s such an encouraging and yet practical book. I know it’s a book that can be read again and again.

I recommend this book to my family and friends.

I received this book from the publisher to read and write my honest review.


About the Author

Full-time blogger, speaker, marketer, podcaster, and single mom of seven, Rachel Marie Martin presents a rallying cry to anyone who believes the lie that she is “just a mom.”

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