Forest Grove 1937

Hi Everyone!! I stumbled upon this amazing video while at the Washington County Museum. I’m so excited to share this hidden gem with you!!!!  In 1983, the Forest Grove Police Department  shared this  rare footage of  Forest Grove in 1937.  The video itself is a silent black and white film.  Hugh McGilvra (Retired Publisher of New Times) was able to narrate this video sharing about local politics, people, business and students.

A Brief History of Forest Grove:  The Kalapuyan Native Americans settled in the area first. The first settlers were the Clarks, Smith’s and Littlejohn families.  By 1845, Forest Grove (then called Tualatin Plains)  had 15 families settled there. Farming was the main occupation.  In 1872, the city was incorporated.   Population continued to grow and now Forest Grove is a full modern city.  Pacific University makes its home in Forest Grove.

It is the 22nd largest City in Oregon. The Population in 2017 was 24, 141. For complete history click here:  Forest Grove History

I hope you will take a trip out to visit Forest Grove & see for yourself what makes this town a so charming.  – Becca

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