Fourth of July parade

Happy 4th of July everyone! On the July 4th, my family has had a tradition of going to the Hillsboro 4th of July parade for as long as I can remember.  Each year, we set up our chairs, the Jets would fly over, and the parade would start.  The bands! The floats! The candy! It was all very exciting! Since I grew up attending the parade, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the parade through the years.  What memories do you have of the Fourth of July parade? IHappy 4th of July! -Becca

If you’re interested in attending the Hillsboro 4th of July parade, please click HERE for more information!

The first two photos are from  about 1914, the second two are from about 1959, and the last two are from the 1990s,




This article from the Hillsboro Argus July 5, 1900 : I love how  the residents of Hillsboro didn’t let rain keep them from attending and enjoying the parade. Today is no different. Rain or shine. The parade will go on.

The day of all days is an American Holiday was yesterday celebrated in all points in Washington County. Although the weather was rainy, good crowds were in attendace everywhere. Hillsboro had a large and goodnatured crowd and all seemed to enhoy themselves. The parade was under the direction of Hon. B. P. Cornelius. The ban d led and its splendid appearance and music dispensed– the beste ever heard in the county –were remarked by all. John M. Brown acted as Uncle Sam. Miss Madge Imbrie as Columbia; Florence Tongue represented Poro Rico; Miss Annie Connell, Cuba; Miss Mamie Berat, Hawaii; two boys, the Phillipines; Miss Eva Catching was crowned as Queen Flora, her carriage being beautifully decorated with flowers and in the carriage were Bessie Connell and Gracie Baird as cupids. The speaker of the day, Congressman T. H. Tongue and Miss Mannie Heidel, in a carriage, were give the places of honor in the parade. The Fire company and the Ladies Coffee Club were in the parade with the apparatus nicely decorated. Owning to the weather there were but tow or three bicycles in line. The beautiufl bicycle float of I.M. Hoyt, representing a ship, attracted very much attention. After the parade, Dr. F.A. Bailey, in a pleasing address, introduced the speaker.  Miss Minnie Heidel recited the Declaration of Independence in her usually splended style. The games and races were full of interest. Claude Grear won both the mile and four mile bicycle racers, getting the first prize Tom Rood secured the second prize on the mile race; Geo, Stevens won the second prize on the four mile race; Ira McCormick, of Farmington, won the fat man’s race; Ward Downs won the 100 yard dash; Carl Huston won the boys foot race; Herbert Moore won the sack race. In a Hotly contested pull Glenco out pulled Farmington in the tug-of-war,










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