Time Capsule Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I love history, random facts and all things historical. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genre’s to read.  I’ve learned so many random facts while reading.  If only I could time travel, I’d go back to all the historical periods I have read and experience it first hand.  But until they discover time travel, I will have to live history vicariously through the stories and documents I am reading. But what prompted this new series of blog posts? Local History!!!

One evening, I took my Grandma to an oral history of some of the founding families in one of the towns in Washington County. It was incredibly fascinating.  I had no idea so much drama happened in this little town.  I’d always thought I’d write a story about the people in Washington County but I’ve realized that I didn’t know much about the area I grew up in.  I decided the best way to learn about this area was to volunteer at the Washington County Museum.  What do you do at a museum? Well, there are tons and tons of information that must be scanned, catagorized, transcribed and saved digitally.  Sound boring? Not at all.  There is so much information- Everything from love letters to legal matters to bank embezzlements on the shelves of the museum that is just waiting to be shared.

I can hardly wait to dive into the collections and  find out hidden historical information and share them with you.  My goal is to post each Tuesday something historical about the cities in Washington county, other counties in Oregon, and about Oregon as a state.




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