Resources for Reading books!

Buying books is a lot of fun and I love to do that! If you’re like me, you have more books then you have space for. Also books can be expensive.  I buy quite a few ebooks on amazon and that helps with space. You can find many great deals there.  But there are So many more options then just buying books.  Today I want to share with you several ways that you can expand and enhance your reading experience.

  1.  Local bookstores: I highly recommend supporting your local bookstore. It’s tough now in this world of of internet and online purchasing for the bookstores to be truly successful. Find out if they have coupons or sales on their books.
  2. Amazon Kindle: Most of my books are now ebooks.  I have created a list of books that are on my wishlist. Your wish list can be books youy want to read, recommended books and books you want to purchase sometime. I will go to my wish list and look at it about everyday.  I scroll down and check the prices of the books. Many times, I have found the book i put on the wishlist for 10.99 has gone on sale. Sometimes it even is as low as $1.99. I can get behind that!
  3. Your Local library: The library is a HUGE resource you can use to read books. The best part? It’s FREE!!  The libary is always purchasing new books that have come out. IF you recommend a book to be purchased, often they will buy it and automatically put you on their hold list.
      1. Overdrive:  A lot of Libraries offer ebooks & audiobooks now.  Overdrive  is a website that you can access using your library card. There are libraries from all over the United States participating in this.  All you need to do is download the Overdrive App.
      2. WorldCat: If there is a book that you want to read but you can’t find it at your library and don’t wish to purchase it, I highly recommend interlibrary loans. WorldCat is an online catalog that will search more then 10,000 libraries worldwide. All you need is a library card to request the book. The library that has the item will send it to your local library for you to check out.
      3. Mail Delivery:  A lot of libraries offer this service.  Just call your local library and find out if they offer it.
      4. More then one Library card: I live in Oregon and recently Washington County, Multnomah County and Clackamas county banded together to share libraries.  If you live in one of these counties, you can have a library card for each of these.  Now, I only use these for ebooks since you have to return the physical items to the county it belongs to. Check out if this is available in your area.  Each library system has different books.
  4.  Gutenberg: Gutenberg is focusing on the books that are classics and considered public domain. You can download a ebook app and read them for free.
  5.  Book Reviewer: I review books for various authors and groups! IT is super fun & you get to read the newest books. It’s easy too. Read the book, write a review and post it on social media sites and sites like goodreads and amazon and blog about it.
    1.  NetGalley:  This is free. You sign up for Netgalley, create a blog and then request books.  Netgalley is looking for readers who want to help spread the buzz about new books. All you need is is a device where you can access the ebook.  There are many ereader apps . Amazon Kindle app will work for Netgalley. This is what i primarily use.  The best part is it’s not restricted to only fiction. There is every type of book available from cookbooks to romantic comedies.  It covers all genre’s and styles.
    2. Authors: A lot of authors have created Influencer groups.  They are looking for readers who are willing to share and promote their new books.  Several of the many things you do as an influencer is share on facebook, add to goodreads lists, and request your local library to purchase the book.
    3. Celebrate Lit:  This is free to sign up as well. You sign up for blog tours and post your review on the scheduled day.  Celebrate Lit is a Christian organization and will only have Christian books available.

I hope that this list will give you some great ideas and resources for books.  Do you have a resource I didn’t mention?  I’d love to hear from you!  Happy Reading! -Becca



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