Merry Christmas from Becca

I love this time of year! The smells of freshly baked cookies, the christmas tree all glittery and all the lights on the houses. I love giving and receiving presents, and listening to Christmas Carols in every store and on the radio. It’s a fun time of year.  It’s easy to get caught up in the busyiness of Christmas holiday.  Family gatherings, baking, christmas shopping, wrapping.. the list goes on and on.  Yet, those are all wonderful things but the reason we celebrate is Jesus.

I asked my mom this questions.  Why did we have to have Christmas in December when it’s so cold? Her response was Because Jesus was born to bring us Light.  December is such a dark and cold and we need the light of Jesus.

i’ve been thinking about that off and on. It’s so true! On the darkest night, a baby was born. He is the Light of the world.  Jesus. He was born in humble beginnings and without much fanfare but yet, He brings hope to each of us. For Jesus sole purpose was to come and save us from an eternity separate from Him. When we believe in Him, we have Hope in Heaven.  Hope in this dark and lonely world. Joy in the promise of heaven.  I am so thankful that Jesus was born for each of us.

I hope that you will have the best Christmas ever.

Love, Becca


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