Netgalley Book Reviewer Opportunity.

Do you like books? Do you like to share your thoughts on what you’ve read?

I have to share with you an awesome opportunity. I’ve been a netgalley book reviewer since 2014. I love it! Netgalley is a website for book reveiwers. Many publishers from ALL genre’s have come together and submitted newly released or upcoming released books to Netgalley. ALL you need is a blog and a desire to share your thoughts on the books you’ve read.  Book reviewers browse this website to find books that interest them to read.  Some books are auto read and some do need to be requested. When you have received the book, you will download or send it to your kindle to read.

Netgalley asks that you read and review the book. Submit your review to Netgalley, Post on various book related website such as Amazon or Goodreads. Post on your blog. 🙂

It’s really easy and a lot of fun! I’ve been able to read many new and interesting books that way.  Blessings – Becca



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