Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat

Thank you Carrie, Annie & Bonnie for thinking up this beyond amazing, so much fun retreat! One of my favorite things about the retreat was being able to visit and get to know the authors more. It really gives a depth to their stories that wasn’t there before.  I wanted to share these pictures with you. Throughout the day, we played games, listened to speakers, chatted with authors and finally book signing.

I wanted to share with you some highlights of my day at the conference.



Author panels!

The author would be asked questions about various things and each person answered.

Karen Barnett, Ann H Gabhart, Tracy Lyons,  Susan Anne Mason, Gabrielle Meyer. Roni Kendig, Jocelyn Green,  Susie Finkerbeiner, Cynthia Ruchti






conference 2

Day in the Life of an author.  We took 1 M&M for each catagory.  The color depended on what your story would be.

BOOK BOYFRIENDS! Was my group for all the games.

Speed chats! Authors would go around and visit with each group and say what they answered on different questions.


It was super encouraging and fun to listen to the speakers at CFRR. Cynthia Ruchti, Becky Wade, Dani Pettrey & Shelly Shephard Grey.

Authors dressed up in their book Time period:

Carrie Turansky, Dawn Crandall, Gabrielle Meyer, Pepper Basham. Stephenia H McGee, Ruth Logan Herne

It was a full day of fun and laughter!





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