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Highlights of Cincinnati, Ohio

That weekend finally came. That day you’ve been waiting to come for months. My day was the Christian fiction Reader’s retreat.!!!!!  It was this LAST Saturday!! ! The conference was one day but for me, it was all weekend.  A whole weekend of talking about books and meeting authors. So MUCH fun!

Some highlights of my trip were:

0811171215_HDREating at A Taste of Belgium.

My friend Nancy and I picked this place since we had both never been before. It’s fun to order 2 different entree’s and split it in half. Each gets to try two new things!

Chicken and Waffles:  Fried Chicken & Ohio maple syrup, hot sauce on the waffle.  Hot Brown Belgium: Kentucky HotBrown is an open-faced turkey sandwich, topped with a rich Mornay sauce and garnished with slices of fresh tomato and crisp bacon.

IT WAS AMAZING FOOD!!! My absolute favorite of each dish I tried was the waffle.

Eating at Graeters:

My friend Abbey and I went searching for this Ice Cream shop. It was #5 on the Food Networks best ice cream list. We had to find it and try it ourselves. Well, we walked all around this area of Cincinnati and finally found the shop.  🙂





Eating at Skyline Chili:

I was told that I must try Chili Spaghetti. I went with some ladies I had met who were attending this conference as well.  I got what they called a 4 way.  Cheese, Beans, Chili, Spaghetti. It was pretty good. Not amazing. Not horrible. Just right in the middle.




Seeing the Baseball & Football Stadiums:

I’m not a big football or baseball fan but my husband and his dad are. So of course, I had to take a picture for them. 🙂


2 sight seeing pictures

Seeing the Sights of Cincinnati:

Book Fountain by the Cincinnati Public Library



A symbol of the ongoing Artworks Cincylink Public Art Art project.


more sightseeing

Seeing the Sights of Cincinnati:

City landscape.




Beautiful artwork on the side of this building.





The weather was beautiful. It was not terribly hot and humid while I was there.

Stay tuned for more blog posts of my experiences at CFRR



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