Through the Deep Waters by Kim Vogal Sawyer

Through The Deep Waters by Kim Vogal Sawyer is about Dinah who is desperate to escape her past. Growing up in a brothel, there is little hope for Dianah. When her mother dies, she leaves Chicago and gets a job with Harvey’s railroad in hopes to be a Harvey Serving girl. Things start to look up for her, but when her past suddenly appears, she has to face her past and trust in God that all things will work out. – Amazon Synopsis

I thought this book was all right. I found the plot a little hard to get into and keep my attention. It was a typical love story and fairly predictable but parts of it were unexpected. It was not a bad story and I have read other books by Kim Sawyer that I have enjoyed. It was a good story of redemption and love. I liked that the chapter heading told you when it switched to another character.

I would recommend this book to others.
I received this e-book to review from Waterbrook Multnomah.
Purchase your copy at Amazon: Through the Deep Waters: A Novel
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