The Message in the Bottle Collection

Join the journey as one word etched in Latin on an ancient bronze bottle travels through the centuries to reach five young women who are struggling to maintain their faith in God and love. An Irish princess, a Scottish story weaver, a Post-Colonial nurse, a cotton mill worker, and a maid who nearly drowned each receive a message from the bottle just when they need their hope restored. But will the bottle also bring them each to a man whose love will endure? 5 romantic stories:  The Distant Tide by Heather Day Gilbert.  A Song in the Night by Amanda Dykes.  The Forgotten Hope by Maureen Lang.  A River Between Us by Jocelyn Green.  The Swelling Sea by Joanne Bischof. -Amazon synopsis

I enjoyed reading about the bottle and it’s message of Hope throughout time.  Each story was interesting and sweet. I thought each author brought their own flare to the collection. The character’s were believable. I don’t have a favorite because it’s too hard to choose.  I thought the romance was sweet.  I’m not a big short story fan because I often feel like the story is too quick or lacking the depth a full length novel has. However, each author did a good job creating a complete short story.  I didn’t feel like it was missing anything. The bottle and it’s message of hope was mentioned throughout each story.   Some more then other’s.  I would have liked to have the bottle mentioned more throughout the story.  This book is a good reminder of the HOPE we have in Jesus. When all seems lost, we can turn to Jesus.  He is our hope. My grandpa passed away last month unexpectedly. It’s been a hard month but I am reminded of the hope of the cross. My grandpa lived his life sharing this hope we can have in Jesus. Without Jesus, there is no hope, no assurance of heaven.  This hope is a promise from the Lord.   I am so thankful that I know 100% that my grandpa is in heaven and I have the hope and promise I will see him again.  I know the stories are fiction but the message of Hope the character’s experience is something the reader can learn from and be an encouragement.

I recomend this book to all my family and friends!
I received this book for an honest review.
Purchase your copy at Amazon: The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection: Hope Reaches Across the Centuries Through One Single Bottle, Inspiring Five Romances

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