Interview with Lindsay Harrel

Today, I am hosting Lindsay Harrel here on my blog today!  Lindsay is a new author published  by Ashberry Lane Publishers.  Her book One More Song to Sing was released December 1st.  A contemporary romantic story that will encourage and inspire readers! I hope you will be inspired to check out this awesome book from her!

One of the neat things about today’s world is the opportunity to connect with your favorite authors! I love getting to know more about their interests and day to day life. Today, Lindsay has sat down and answered some fun questions for me.

Becca: I’m excited to have you here today! First off, will you tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

Lindsay: I live in Phoenix, AZ, with my husband and toddler son Elliott. I’m also due in April with another little boy! We have two golden retrievers (who actually appear in One More Song to Sing) and a bit of a crazy life. Something not a lot of people know is that I sang in a Christian rock band in college.

Becca: A Rock band sounds fun! Congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s exciting! It’s sounds like a fun but busy season for you. What is a typical day for you?

Lindsay: I try to wake up early to spend some time with God — some days I’m successful, some days I’m not. I’m working on that! Then I get my 2-year-old up, we eat breakfast, and we run errands. We eat lunch and when he goes down for a nap, I either write, teach online college courses, or do some freelance editing or writing work. Life is never dull!

Becca: Life is certainly not dull with kids. It sounds like you have good flexibility throughout your day for family and also to write.  It’s almost Christmas, What is one tradition you enjoy with your family?

Lindsay: Every year since getting married, my husband and I have set aside an evening to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Then we grab a pizza and watch A Christmas Story together. I’m looking forward to showing off the lights to my son this year, since he was a bit young to enjoy them last year.

Becca: What a fun tradition!  Pizza and a movie is a relaxing way to spend the evening. I bet your son will enjoy the lights a lot this year.  What is one book that inspired you to start writing?

Lindsay:  I think a lot of Christian authors will say this, but Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers was the very first Christian fiction book I ever read, and it changed me. I decided I wanted to have that same effect in readers’ lives and for God to use me in a similar way, if He was willing.

Becca: Redeeming Love is a thought provoking book. It’s always neat to see how God can use a book to inspire you to write more books that are life changing.  What drew you to tell the story of One More Song to Sing?

Lindsay: There are several things I love about the story, but ultimately it’s a story of redemption. I have seen situations — in my life and that of others — that seem impossible, and yet, with God, all things are possible. It’s amazing to see what He can do when we surrender to Him. I also loved the mother-daughter aspect of the book, since I lost my own mother at the age of 19. That’s such a special relationship and I wanted to write about it.

Becca: Mother-daughter relationships are special. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I know you have many good memories of times you spent together. I think redemption a great truth that everyone needs to hear. I think fiction can be a great tool to share that. Tell us a little bit about your writing area. Where can we find you writing?

Lindsay: I usually write on the couch in my living room, to be honest. I prop my feet up on the coffee table and type away on my laptop. We are saving up to create the office of my dreams, but this works for now.

Becca: What a comfortable way to write. I often read in the recliner or couch. That’s exciting! I hope you can get your dream office soon. So, How long do you spend writing in a day?

Lindsay:  Usually I can only manage a few hours a day, if that. (My son is never allowed to stop napping! LOL) But even a few pages at a time eventually becomes a book!

Becca: I can relate! Toddlers are busy!It can be hard to find time to read.  I’m glad that he takes naps so you can write. Before we go, What is one thing you want your readers to remember after they’ve finished the book?

Lindsay:  I want them to remember that even if they think their own story is over, it’s not. God can do miracles, and He wants to do one in their life.

Becca: I hope that your story will help readers to remember that God hasn’t finished with their story yet. A verse that always encourages me is Phil 1:6. “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  I hope readers will take these truths and apply them to their life.  Thank you Lindsay for spending time with me today and answering these questions.  It was fun visiting with you!

Check out Lindsay Harrel’s website here:

Happy Reading!


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