Stages of Senior Care by Paul and Lori Hogan

I am excited to share this book, “Stages of Senior Care” by Paul & Lori Hogan with you on my blog. Paul & Lori Hogan are the founder’s of Home Instead Senior Care. I started reading this book and immediately wanted to share with everyone what wonderful tools and tips are in this book.

As a CAREgiver for Home Instead, I work closely with seniors in various stages of life. One of this most important things is making sure that the senior is provided with the tools and the help they need to live a full and happy life. I know that it would not be possible for me to help if it wasn’t for the planning of the family members.
For years, your parents have been there for you in every stage of your life. You rely on them for guidance, love, and care. Now, they are no longer able to safely take care of themselves. What do you do? What resources are out there? How do I even approach this topic with my parents?

In Stages of Senior Care, the Hogan’s give you a step by step guide to taking care of your aging family members. One thing that was clear to me was plan ahead for the future with the understanding that plans can change.
There are a lot of different options. home care, independent living housing, assisted living housing, nursing home, and hospice. This book discusses each option and the pros and cons of each. I really liked how they also provided websites and resources for you to have.
Another important thing to consider is safety. Stages of Care talks about how to make each room- bathroom, kitchen, living areas all safer for your parents. It may sound overwhelming and costly but you can make your house safer without spending a lot. A great resource is Center for Universal Design at

There is more to caregiving then just finding the right place to live, it’s finding the right caregivers to help your parents. They will be there each day and can notice changes that may not be evident to you. You will want to find someone trustworthy, reliable and kind. When deciding who will care for your parents, some questions to ask are: Do they require background checks? How do they train their caregivers? Does the caregiver share the same interests? When you do find the right care, It’s a relief to know that your mom or dad is in good hands.

I thought this book was a great resource to have. It’s also very positive in it’s approach to senior care. It doesn’t just consider one aspect of life such as physical help but also the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. I liked all the pro’s and con lists of each type of care. I liked how it breaks each topic down into sections so you can focus on one step at a time.

It can be overwhelming but if you have the tools, you can make the best decision.
When I tell people that I am a CAREgiver for Home Instead, It’s a conversation starter. “That must be hard” is something I hear or get asked “What does that mean?” Well.. I say, It can be hard job but its also very rewarding. Basically, I help seniors with whatever it is they need to be successful- whether it’s just companionship, or meal prep, or more personal care. I absolutely love this job because you are making a difference in their life.” The person I talk to will often say: by the way, I know someone that could use some help or my parents do..

I am excited to have this book as a recommendation for each person I talk to and also for my family as well. It also makes me more aware of the decisions and stresses that my client’s family goes through. Most of this book is a resource tool for family members but there are things I can use while CAREgiving. One thing that stood out to me is safety.

There is a great list of items that can be purchased to help make the home safer. As a CAREgiver, i can work with the family to make the home safer.

You can pick up this book at your local Home Instead office, online at or at your local library.

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