Book Review: Never Say Goodbye by Dianne Price.

Amazon Review:

Rob and Maggie Savage, busy with their growing family and never-ending sea rescues, welcome the return of Rob’s former Air Forces mate, Den Anderson. However, the person Den missed the most on storm-tossed Innisbraw–the very reason for his move to the Scots isle from America–is sweet Fern. She’s determined to close her heart to any man who doesn’t share her beliefs, while Den has no use for a distant, overbearing God.

Join Rob, Maggie, and all the residents of Innisbraw as they welcome new people and face new challenges that test their faith and love for each other.

My Review:

I thought I book was all right. The story is a continuation of Rob & Maggie’s life in a small town of Scotland. Rob runs the rescue boats for the islandwhich. The rescues was something I didn’t know much about.

The thing I didn’t like was that   book was how often Rob would kiss Maggie’s neck and say suggestive things to her. It was almost everytime he would come home. I am thankful that it was in the context of marriage. It was too often for me & took away from the rest of the story.

Overall the story was good.

I received this book for a honest review from Ashberry Lane.

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