Book Review: Heart of India: Linda Chaikin

Amazon Synopsis:

Coral Kendall is an heiress to the Kingscote Silk Plantation in northern India in the last decade of the 1700s. Breaching cultural boundaries and shunning the scorn of her wealthy English family, she adopts an young orphaned boy, an “Untouchable” from the bottom of the Hindu cast system, and brings him into her home. Despite their contrasting cultures and backgrounds, the bond of love that develops between them is that of a mother and son. But tragedy strikes when the boy is abducted. One man—the bold and handsome, British Major Jace Buckley, who desires freedom from the military to start his own tea plantation in Darjeeling—may hold the key to Gem’s disappearance.

My review:

This trilogy is an absolute must read. It’s one of those series I have read over five times. It’s a love story with a bit of adventure and mystery I love how the author weaves Biblical truth throughout the story. She did her research on the culture and history of India.It made me want to visit India/ The character’s are fun and believable. Coral had a heart for those in need and it showed throughout the book. I love how she stood firm in her beliefs and convictions throughout. Jace was an interesting character with lots of depth to him. Every character was an important part to the story and together made the book hard to put down. The series is a good clean read. The books are as follows: 1. Silk. 2. Under Eastern Stars. 3. Kingscote

I highly recommend this series to everyone.

Check out her website:

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