Scarlett Says by Julie L.Cannon

Amazon Synopsis;

For 30-year-old literature lover Joan Meeler, there is no heroine so admirable as Gone With the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara. Joan, with her quiet nature and love of good food, falls shockingly short of Scarlett’s outspoken passion, strength, and 17-inch waist. Yet as the secret hostess of an advice blog called Scarlett Says, she discovers she’s quite adept at dispensing advice in Scarlett’s devil-may-care tone.Joan is happy to live vicariously . . . until she meets Charles, a Christian and faithful Scarlett Says reader, who suddenly has Joan dreaming of something more. Since Scarlett has never let her down, Joan digs deeper and deeper into her heroine’s mind, searching for something to calm her rising insecurities. But her search falls short, and Joan realizes that she must look within herself—and to God—to uncover the inner confidence she never knew she possessed.

My review:

I’ve been wanting to read this book for awhile. I’m glad that i finally got a chance to read it. I really enjoyed most of the book. I loved reading all the interesting stuff that Joan wrote on her blog and about “Gone with the Wind” It gave me a different look on the book and author. Joan is a shy person and would love nothing more then to hide in her room with a book. It’s interesting to see how one event in your life can change your future.  I like how she becomes more outgoing and learns to become who she is meant to be not what everything thinks she should be.

I have to say most because I thought that the relationship and how it grew between Charles and Joan was a little unrealistic.  I don’t want to give away the story so i’ll just say that.  I really liked reading all the interesting information that Joan wrote on her blog.


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