Match Made by Erynn Mangum

Amazon Synopsis:

Annie McKay is a perpetual loner who moves to town for a job and expects for life to pretty much stay the same as it’s always been – until she meets Lauren Holbrook Palmer and her group of crazy, fun friends. Being alone has always been Annie’s way of life, but with Jesus and Lauren at the helm, things are likely going to change.

This is the fourth novel in the popular Lauren Holbrook series – Miss Match, Rematch and Match Point.

My review:

I am so excited to share this book with you! It only took me 2 days to finish this book because I couldn’t put it down! 🙂 I initially thought it would be a continuing story about Lauren instead of a new character Annie. However, It was written well and  I liked how the author incorporated everyone from the Lauren Holbrook books into this one.

It was a fun book! One that made me giggle and smile. I am glad that the character’s are real and relate-able and the joys and struggles they go through are things we go through in real life.

I thought this was really good.

preaching on the beginning of John 14: Nick teaches for forty minutes. ” Do you know where you are going?” he asks a little while later. Not just eternity, though that is an important question as well. But do you know where you are going today? This afternoon after church? Brunch the word sticks in my mind. “And if you know where you are going, do you know what purpose it has? Don’t live your life without purpose. This life is too short, this time passes too quickly. Figure out where you are giong, know where you are going to be and then live. Meet people, talk to people , create friends, lead poeple to Jesus, spend time cultivating relationships, get married, fall more in love, have babies, stay up all night with them, send them to school, keep the flame alive with your spouse, and just keep living.” he looks out over the crowd ” are you living? or are you just existing?– Erynn Mangum Match Made

Check out her author page here!

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