How to Find Good Christian Books.

How to find a good christian Fiction book to read.

How do you know which books are worth reading and which ones aren’t???????? Someone asked me that yesterday and so i thought I would put together a resourse list of places to find the next awesome book

A really good place to find Christian fiction is You can search by author or type of fiction. I like it because you can sign up and create your own bookshelf with books you’ve read or want to read..

Another great place is  You can sign up to receive them in the mail and they also have the catalogs online as well.

I like to go to Barnes and Nobles and Christian bookstores to see what books are out. What i would do is get 4-5 books that i’m interested in, and then sit down and read about 6 chapters of each, whichever book was the most interesting i would continue to read. I also take lots of pictures of books i want to read.

Libraries are AWESOME: They have tons of christian fiction available and the newest titles and authors as well.   Books are expensive and there was just more books I wanted to read then i could afford so I used the library.

What i would recommend is making a list of the books you want to read, (like from novel crossing and bookstores) and then going to your library and checking out 3-4 of them to read. Read a little of each book and then put them in order of interest.


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